I wish people cared.
I wish people wouldn't judge.
I wish people didn't fight.
I wish I wasn't so scared.
I wish people weren't fakes.
I wish people would keep secrets.
I want to trust people.
I wish people could be happy with themselves.
I wish people would be themselves.
I want people to stop being stupid.
I wish people would learn.  
I want people to stop talking about eachother.
I want people to stop lying.
I want to know people better.
I hate when people worry about me.
I wish I didn't hate people.
I don't truly hate anyone.
I wish I knew what hate felt like.
I hate using the word hate.
I wish I felt better.
I want to be peaceful.
I want to be different.
I know some people care.
I want people to never feel alone.
I know everyone feels different.
I hope things can change.
I want things to change.
I wish they'd change now.
I wish people knew they were important.
I'm sorry for those I've hurt.
I wish I could express myself better.

I wish I could be a rainbow.
I wish I could frighten any rainy day

6.9.07 21:50


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