don't pretend to be someone you're not


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ta clari jule <3

just thank u that i got to know u in my life and that i found so great people in u. i appreciate u so much and i am so happy that we are friends. thank you girls.. ^^  


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a still growing mind 

like to have good times

afraid of making big decisions

want just to be free and see new places

hate gossip

like to go to parties

hate miserable people!

hate having absolutely no plans for a day

love making and listening to music

girls just wanna have fun

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I wish people cared.
I wish people wouldn't judge.
I wish people didn't fight.
I wish I wasn't so scared.
I wish people weren't fakes.
I wish people would keep secrets.
I want to trust people.
I wish people could be happy with themselves.
I wish people would be themselves.
I want people to stop being stupid.
I wish people would learn.  
I want people to stop talking about eachother.
I want people to stop lying.
I want to know people better.
I hate when people worry about me.
I wish I didn't hate people.
I don't truly hate anyone.
I wish I knew what hate felt like.
I hate using the word hate.
I wish I felt better.
I want to be peaceful.
I want to be different.
I know some people care.
I want people to never feel alone.
I know everyone feels different.
I hope things can change.
I want things to change.
I wish they'd change now.
I wish people knew they were important.
I'm sorry for those I've hurt.
I wish I could express myself better.

I wish I could be a rainbow.
I wish I could frighten any rainy day

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